Translation to Chinese ! I recomend “百度翻译” !!


Translation to Chinese ! I recomend "百度翻译" !!

When you want to translate English to Chinese, I recomend “百度翻译 (Baidu Translation)” !!

[ スポンサーリンク ]

百度翻译 is good at “Chinese characters” !

百度翻译 (Baidu Translation)
百度翻译(is Free)

I feel “Google Translation” is not good at “Chinese characters“.

In converse, 百度翻译 is good for that one because the people are living in Hong Kong and Taiwan or others spoken in Chinese, usually usesChinese characters“.

Also use “Google Translation” conveniently !

I think there is a case you want to changeTraditional Chinese (繁体字)” to “Simplified Chinese (简体字)” or its converse.

[ スポンサーリンク ]

At such time, by usingGoogle Translation“, you can change to that one right away and so easily !

What about LINE sticker made in Japan !

Recco and Casse of DJ
Recco and Casse of DJ