If email doesn’t reach to Chinese email addresses of “qq.com” or “163.com”.


If email doesn't reach to Chinese email addresses of "qq.com" or "163.com".

The people who lives in mainland of China almost can’t use The Popular Global Services such as “Facebook/LINE/Twitter/YouTube“.

And also for the “gmail” of “Google Series” that is very famous free email account, they can’t use at all.

Therefore, the email addresses that people in mainland of China usually use are ones what the companies in mainland of China offer and espaecially popular email addresses in China are the email accounts that have the domains of “qq.com” or “163.com“.

However, in spite of those email addresses are correct, we sometimes can’t send them or we get the email as error from them.

Even if in like these cases, I would like to introduse the easy way to send them with no problem.

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What is Chinese free-email address ?

When you get email with domain of “qq.com” or “163.com” at first time, you might feel as “suspicious“.

But, these ones have very old history in mainland of China and it is usually no problem to get these emails.

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Why doesn’t email reach despite it’s correct ?

The big reason that Almost of The Popular Global Services are unavailable in China is by China’s unique internet censorship system called “Great Firewall (金盾)”.

In addition, the big feature of this “Great Firewall” is not the censorship by any machines, it is always done by important person belonging to the Chinese government.

And then, by some reasons by this censorship system, it is thought that email sometimes doesn’t reach despite it’s correct.

And also, for example when we sent email to the users have correct email addresses of “qq.com“, the case is offen occured that we can send someone but can’t send other one.

I don’t know they use this internet censorship system in how situation but, it is better also for on business case that we always think there is a possibility that we sometimes can’t send email to China.

Just from “Gmail Email”, We can send it !

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By the way, if the case like this is occured, there is a way we can resolve immediately.

It is the sending fromGmail Email“.

Even thought “Google Series Services” are unavailable in mainland of China at all, it is very interesting that they can recieve emails just fromGmail Email“.

And, I think you can resolve by this way in almost of case !

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Recco and Casse of DJ
Recco and Casse of DJ