Japanese technology “IFMC.” makes “Nitric Oxide” inside our bodies !

Japanese technology

Japanese technology “IFMC.” what are also used for very popularMouth masks“, makesNitric Oxide (NO)” inside our bodies !

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What is “IFMC.” ?

IFMC.” named “Integrated Functional Mineral Crystal” was discovered by Co. Teikoku (株式会社テイコク製薬社) what had been researching the elements of Japanese Hot springs.

It is told that Hot springs have many therapeutic effects for our human bodies and they discovered that the wearing something includingIFMC.gives our bodies the effects like same asHot springs“.

And also, Co. Teikoku has gotten a patent of “IFMC. Technology” on July 19, 2019.

「IFMC.(イフミック)」が特許を取得しました | 株式会社テイコク製薬社
平成30年8月28日から特許出願しておりました、IFMC.(イフミック)技術について特許を取得いたしました。 IFMC.は世界を変える技術であると私達は確信しています。 今後も、「ミネラル」の可能性を、人に、社会に。 を...

Why can we get the effects like same as “Hot springs” ?

They discovered that “IFMC.makesNitric Oxide (NO)” inside our bodies when we just wear some clothes or accessories includingIFMC.“.

Speaking of “Nitric Oxide (NO)”, that one has so famous story what “Dr. Louis J. Ignarrodiscovered the various possibilities ofNO” through research and he got award of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine together with “Robert F. Furchgott” and “Ferid Murad”.

The one of that possibilities is what “NOmakes blood flow increasing and it is the one of the effects like same asHot springs“.

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Where can I see about “IFMC. Products” ?

You can see and shop item(s) of “IFMC.at below !

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