Cute Product against COVID-19 from “HYSTERIC MINI”

Cute Product against COVID-19 from

From “HYSTERIC MINI” that is Japanese popular children’s clothing brand, “MIST SPRAY BOTTLE” that is Cute Product against COVID-19 appeared !!

■ Please refer the post below about “HYSTERIC MINI”.
Popular children’s clothing “Made in Japan” !

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What useful is “MIST SPRAY BOTTLE” for ?

You can use “MIST SPRAY BOTTLE” as for preventation of “COVID-19” but also “Heat Stroke“.

For example in the case of preventation of “COVID-19“,
it is useful with Alcohol etc…

And the case against “Heat Stroke“,
it can be used as “COLD MISTwith cold water.

Note : Please do not use them with “too strong alcohol” or “bad impact things for human body”.

How to get them ?

MIST SPRAY BOTTLE” is not product for sale and, it is “Special Gift” that you can get by meeting the condition that the shop gives.

And, you can get them on the following websites.
Note : The stock is limited.

■ Hysteric Mini Official Web:
Hysteric Mini Direct Web Official Online Store
HYSTERIC MINI(ヒステリックミニ)公式オンラインショッピングサイトです。ヒステリックミニのページです。多彩な商品をご紹介しております。
■ Brand children’s clothing online store PETIT BAMBINA:
Children's clothing online | PETIT BAMBINA | HYSTERIC MINI etc, brand children's clothing from Japan
Japanese children's clothing online store PETIT BAMBINA. HYSTERIC MINI and X-girl, XLARGE KIDS, panpantutu etc, brand children's clothing mail order from Japan.
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Size Guide for Children’s clothes

■ Size Guide for Children’s clothes (童裝的尺寸指南):
Size Guide for Children’s clothes (童裝的尺寸指南) | 有限会社プチバンビーナ
For Japanese children’s clothing, The criterion of the age of children and size (日本童裝的大小和兒童的年齡的標準 | 日本童裝

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Recco and Casse of DJ
Recco and Casse of DJ